Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

First defense against bed bugs is educating yourself about them, you are in the right place if you are looking for some education on bed bugs, and particularly in this post, the most common bed bug hiding places. The most common out of all of these places, is that bed bugs love to hide in your mattress, under your mattress, in the box springs, between the crack of your mattress, headboards, basically anywhere on your bed that is dark.

See bed bugs rarely come out during the day, and during the day they usually hide in dark spots, as they are professionals at hiding. Bed bugs are really not that hard to kill, the hardest part is actually finding the bed bugs. But inside and around your mattress isn’t the only place that bed bugs can hide, if it were, it would be really easy to get rid of them, as all you would have to do is throw away your mattress, sheets, bed frame and headboard, but this doesn’t always solve the problem.

They also love to hide under your night stands, behind wall outlets, in the carpet, in your lamps, alarm clocks, remember anywhere that is dark and seems like a good hiding spot for an insect that is only 1/4 of an inch long or shorter, they could be hiding there.

Speaking of that, if you are one of those people that likes to keep stacks of junk under their beds, such as shoe boxes, clothes, shoes, whatever, you are just giving the bed bugs more places to hide, and therefore are harder to kill. As most pesticides that are available these days require you to make as close to direct contact with the bed bugs as possible.

One more spot that love to hide, you know those popcorn ceilings? Yea, I myself have found many nymphs up there and bed bugs when I had my room infested, and this was one of the ways I was able to pin point where they were all hiding, well most of them anyway.

Where ever it is that they may be hiding, you have to realize that it is more than likely going to be within 20 feet of where you are sleeping. They are not the fastest insects, they don’t fly, but they can jump and they are very good at climbing. So if you are waking up in the morning and discover bed bug bites on you, at least now you have some means of trying to find them, and also have more knowledge of some of the bed bugs favorite hiding places.

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