No one wants to deal with bed bugs

They are a real nuisance and they can be quite difficult to get rid of once they set up housekeeping. Unfortunately, bed bugs have been making a major comeback as a result of increased international trade, overpopulation, the ban on DDT and the rapidly developing resistance of bed bugs to many modern pesticides. So how exactly do you get rid of bed bugs once they rear their tiny, ugly heads? The answer calls for a combination of professional help from a licensed, reputable pest control specialist along with some common sense steps.

Getting rid of bed bugs requires an awareness of the problem and making sure you don’t aggravate the situation by making mistakes.

Probably the worst things you can do is to panic and set off a bug bomb. This will not only render your home unlivable for a time but may just drive the nasty little critters deeper into hiding without getting rid of them. Instead here a some steps you can take to help with the problem and get rid of bed bugs:

  1. Be sure to inspect and change your bed linens often; at least twice a week.
  2. Be sure to wash bed linens and blankets in hot water and then run them through a hot dryer not once but twice. If you can’t wash your blankets, place them in direct sunlight for several hours then have them dry cleaned.
  3. Never use insecticides on bed linens or bedding. This can cause serious health problems for family members.
  4. Vacuum and clean all your bedding and furniture often.
  5. Vacuum and clean cabinets, floorboards and molding, drapes and curtains, door frames, picture frames and light sockets. Bed bugs love to hide in dark places, cracks and even in electrical sockets.
  6. Repair all visible cracks and seams using plaster or caulking. This will help deny bed bugs future hiding places.
  7. Avoid purchasing second hand furniture unless it has been professionally inspected and certified bed bug free.
  8. Inspect family members for bed bug bites on a regular basis if you suspect bed bugs may be present.
  9. Inspect your home regularly for signs of bed bugs, their droppings, eggs and molt husks. Look in the seams of mattresses, under sheets and between your mattress and box spring.

Also inspect furniture, drapes and curtains, floorboards and molding, light sockets, cabinets, door frames and picture frames.

  1. When you travel, take bed bug traps with you for your luggage and hotel room.
  2. Never put luggage on the bed or furniture. Open all luggage on a metal luggage stand.
  3. Place bed bug traps in sensitive areas in your home such as bedding, sofas and upholstered chairs. Bed bugs love soft fabrics, plush cushions and places where warm blooded people or pets like to sit or sleep.
  4. Remove any paper wrappings from your furniture. Bed bugs love to eat through paper and will even chew through plastic.
  5. Carefully inspect all pet bedding and wash it often. Also, inspect your pet for bed bug bites.
  6. If you think you have bed bugs, bring in a pest control specialist to confirm your suspicions.

These are some of the things you can do to help your pest control specialist get rid of bed bugs and to prevent a re-occurrence of the problem.

Once you determine that bed bugs are present, your pest control professional will treat your home with the appropriate method and advise you on other ways to prevent bed bugs from returning. Bed bugs can be quite a nuisance and getting rid of bed bugs requires calm, well thought out steps. Panic and frantic over reaction will not help and will probably just make things worse. Getting rid of bed bugs will take some effort and incur some financial costs but it will be well worth it for your peace of mind and a good nights sleep.

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