More Ways to Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a growing problem throughout the country. Many people associate infestation with lack of proper hygiene and poor housekeeping. The truth is that these pests can be found almost anywhere and latch onto various items to be carried home. They feed on blood, not caring about the cleanliness of the skin they must pierce to reach it. The hide in cracks and crannies that are all but impossible to clean or reach. This leaves many who never dreamed they could be infested wondering how to get rid of bed bugs.

One of the first things that people think of when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs is contacting a pest control company. Exterminators come to the home and spray chemicals that are known to kill these pests into the cracks and dark places they like to hide. This can be important because each female is capable of producing up to 500 offspring in a lifetime that lasts only a few days.

For those who can not afford to pay an exterminator or who prefer not to use chemicals when getting rid of bed bugs, there are other options that can be tried on their own. One can rent a steam pump capable of producing steam under great pressure at many local markets. These can be used to shoot the steam into the cracks where insects are hiding. The temperature of the steam is high enough to kill them on contact.

Rubbing alcohol can kill out the eggs when they are visible. It should be applied with a stiff brush. This will disrupt the air around the eggs and they will starve for oxygen, dying in just a few minutes.

Infested furniture and bedding should be cleaned immediately. A vacuum cleaner may be used on the beds and other furnishings to remove live bugs and dead carcasses. It is then a good idea to cover the furniture with plastic to suffocate any remaining pests that are not removed.

Bedding and other clothing that is suspected of being infested should be washed in hot water. Cold or warm water will not kill the insects. When possible, one should tumble dry these materials on high heat to reach any that survive the washing process. The hotter the dryer, the more thoroughly it will clear the materials of pests.

Another idea is to place exposed furniture in direct sunlight. These insects prefer the dark and only sneak out at night. This is because bright light will kill them. One may also purchase traps in stores that the pests crawl into and become stuck.

When it comes to learning how to get rid of bed bugs, one has several options. Some factors that determine which is best include whether one wants instant results, whether the use of chemicals is a major concern, and the budget one has available for eradication. The best bet is to hire a professional pest control agency. However, there are more natural options that make use of materials available in the home and/or items that can be obtained easily that will be effective, if somewhat slower to eliminate the problem.

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