Killing Bed Bugs With Extreme Heat

There are many ways that you can get rid of bed bugs, but with their population steadily increasing, major infestations cannot be treated by anyone but a professional company. See when you use chemicals and sprays to kill bed bugs, they will work, but only up to a certain extent. Even when the professionals come in to spray heavily infested homes, they usually will have to return 2-3 more times until they are gone completely.

Chemical treatments to get rid of bed bugs are not cheap, not only that, they are not guaranteed safe for kids and pets, let alone the fully grown adult. The thing is that in the last ten years, the bed bugs are making a comeback stronger than ever. If you have done any research, you would have seen that they were eradicated back in the 50′s and 60′s by pesticides, but now they are stronger, and also immune to the pesticides that were used back then, and they are also growing immune to some of the newer bed bug sprays that are out there.

There is another solution though, and that is by killing bed bugs with extreme heat. Most pest control companies would recommend a temperature of over 130 degrees to ensure that they are dead, as well as all of their eggs. This method of getting rid of those blood suckers is called Thermal Remediation. This is a very effective process, where a home will be heated up to temperatures around 130 degrees or more for a period of 2 hours or more, and almost guarantees to get rid of 100% of the bed bugs inside of the house.

What happens is that these heaters are brought into each room of the home, and they also have blower fans to dispense the heat around the home, into the couches and beds, the clothes, just about every thing, turning the home into a sauna. This is a very effective process, and before it can be done, the only thing that has to be removed from the home are things that can melt, such as plastics.

After only a couple of minutes of the bed bugs being in contact with this extreme heat, their bodies will dry out and they will quickly die. Their eggs will also dry up, and they will not stand a chance to live. The only bad thing about this process is that it isn’t cheap. Though it is just as expensive as getting a professional chemical treatment, which isn’t nearly as effective as the extreme heat method.

You will be looking to spend around $2000-$6000 for the Thermal Remediation process to get rid of bed bugs, but this works no matter how bad your home is infested, and there is a good chance that there will be no survivors when done, you just have to be sure not to let them back in once they are gone for good.

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