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Z-Athletic Purple Children’s Gymnastics Cartwheel / Beam Training Mat Review

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Z-Athletic Purple Children’s Gymnastics Cartwheel / Beam Training Mat review

The Z-Athletic Purple Children’s Gymnastics Cartwheel / Beam Training Mat is a professional product of this type that has been designed especially for children. It is a highly rated model that brings a lot of features at a low cost. In addition, it is comfortable and it is the best choice for children. Even adults can use it, but the main purpose is for children.

Features of Z-Athletic purple children’s gymnastics training mat


Despite the fact this training mat for children is affordable, it has been well-made and it comes with the best quality, among these products. Keep in mind that finding a perfect mat for children is difficult, due to the fact there are no many manufacturers that make them! This makes the model in question one of the best choices you can make right now. The material is rough and far stronger than manufacturers use for mats for adults. This is mandatory due to the factmats may for children mustwithstand rough usages.

For boys and girls

As aforementioned, finding a great mat for children is hard. Which also means that finding a mat for boys and girls is even harder. Luckily the mat here, is available in blue and pink colors, which is a great thing, due to the fact it makes it available for girls and boys. Both versions are made from the same materials and they come with the same features. In addition, they have eco-friendly color and the materials. In addition, both dimensions have the same dimensions as well.

Hand imprints

Another, aunique feature of the model in question are hand imprints. At this moment, this is the only mat on the market that comes with this feature. It is mandatory, due to the fact it helps you teach your child performing proper exercises.  Even more important, this addition makes the entire mat more interesting to children, so they will spend more time exercising. More than ajustuseful feature, according to experts.


  • Available for boys and girls
  • Modern
  • Hand imprints
  • Affordable


  • Will smell when new
  • Cannot be folded


The situation is very simple with theZ-Athletic Purple Children’s Gymnastics Cartwheel / Beam Training Mat. It is the best mat for your child and it must be taken into account, especially if your child likes exercising for a long period of time. This mat is something that can help your child exercise more and reduce the time he spends at a computer.

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