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WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grip

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WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips For Cross Training, Kettlebells, Powerlifting, Chin Ups, Pull Ups, WODs& Gymnastics – With Grips Storage Pouch Review


Weightlifting, and Gymnastics can become extremely hard as soon as your hands become sweaty. This is because you need a huge amount of grip in order to excel at these sports, so without grip – it can become incredibly dangerous. Especially during weightlifting, you don’t want a 40kg weight to slip out of your hand right? As that would hurt! If you want a great, cheap pair of hand grips – WODFitters manufacture a great pair, but how great are they?

Features of WODFitters textured leather hand grips


The quality of these hand grips is simply amazing, this is because they are constructed from firm leather, which is not only incredibly tough – but is renowned for providing a huge amount of grip. They also reduce wrist strain, which is perfect for weightlifting and gymnastics, as it allows you to work-out for longer, before fatigue takes over.


These hand grips by WODFitters perform exceptionally well for the price. Many gymnasts and weightlifters simply use chalk in order to enhance their grip, but these grips provide much more grip, and are incredibly inexpensive. If you need even more grip, it is easy to chalk up your leather hand grips, and then you will have unbeatable grip, however you won’t need to do this very often, unless you need a huge amount of grip.


The design of these grips is fairly minimalistic, with a simple grey leather design, with black straps. The straps are incredibly secure, which means you won’t need to bother tightening them mid performance, unlike many other hand grips. They are also available in a variety of sizes depending on how big your hand is, this makes them suitable for children and adults alike.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great Performance
  • Storage Pouch Included


  • Over time the leather loses its grip, to fix this you simply need to buff the leather, and they will be just as good as new.


If you are looking for a great pair of hand grips for working out, whether it’s weightlifting, powerlifting or gymnastics, you will absolutely love these Textured Leather Hand Grips by WODFitters. The storage pouch is incredibly useful, and no other hand grip manufacturers include this, it also protects your hand grips when you’re not using them.

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