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Norbert’s Athletic Products Gymnastics Mini Bar Review

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Norbert’s Athletic Products Gymnastics Mini Bar Review




Whether you want a gymnastics mini bar for your home, or for professional, regular use – Norbert’s Athletic Products manufacture one of the best value gymnastics mini bars currently available. It can support up to 100lbs, which is more than enough for your average child. If your child is serious about wanting to become a gymnast, this is the perfect mini bar for them – due to its professional features, at a low price point compared to other products.


Features of Norbert’s Athletic Products gymnastics mini bar




As stated above, the gymnastics mini bar by Norbert’s Athletic Products is designed to withstand 100lbs, which is great. The design also allows for the mini bar to easily be put up, and taken back down within a matter of seconds. This means it can easily be stored in a cupboard until you want to use it. The design also means it can be used for many years, even as your child grows. The full mini bar is adjustable from 38 inches all the way up to 58 inches, and this can be adjusted using the knobs on either side of the mini bar. The 1 ½ inch diameter wooden rail is a standard size, which means if your child ever uses another mini bar, they will feel comfortable. There is also a 48-inch space under the rail, which allows you to use any standard 4ft gymnastics mat under the mini bar.




Many cheaper mini bars will begin to degrade over months of use, whereas this gymnastics mini bar is crafted from extremely strong steel, and can support 100lbs of weight on the 1 ½ inch maple wood rail. All joints are welded together, ensuring maximum strength and durability.



  • Strong
  • Can be Assembled By One Person
  • Perfect for Gymnasts up to Level 3




  • Maple Wood Bar can be quite slippery, this problem can be resolved by using chalk on your hands.




While the Gymnastics Mini Bar by Norbert’s Athletic Products may not be perfect, it is so close to being perfect. For the relatively low price, you cannot fault it at all – the strength and versatility that this mini bar can offer makes up for the small problems. You will find this mini bar to be perfect if you just use chalk with it.

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