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Foamnasium Wedge, Blue Review

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Foamnasium Wedge, Blue Review




Whether you are designing a play room for your toddler, or whether you are looking into foamnasium products for a public play area, or even if you want one for gymnastic purposes – you will love this wedge. It has a strong, thick vinyl coating which protects the inside of the wedge, making it extremely durable. This means it can easily last years and years, and cannot accidentally be teared. For the price, you cannot fault this foamnasium wedge at all – and you are sure to love it.


Most Valuable Features of Foamnasium Wedge


Design: The design of the Foamnasium Wedge is pretty simple; after all it is just a wedge. The special part is the thought that has gone into the design, such as how all foamnasium products can easily be connected together, allowing your toddler to express their imagination and creativity with ease, by building a multitude of structures with foamnasium products. At the front of the wedge is a small lip, which means the wedge doesn’t go straight to the floor like a ramp. This is a good design feature, as it makes the end of the wedge much stronger, as it is thicker.


Versatility: There are endless ways to use a Foamnasium Wedge, they can be used in gymnastic classes for younger children, or simply as a toy. You may see them quite a lot in soft play areas, with an abundance of other foamnasium products – this shows how popular they really are, that you will have most likely already seen one somewhere. This is because of their unbeatable durability, for a fairly low price.




  • Thick Vinyl Coating
  • Soft but Durable
  • Lead Free




  • The included handle that is meant for carrying the wedge isn’t very strong, and after a few months of regular use you will begin to notice slight tears in the handle region.




The Foamnasium Wedge is a great tool to help your baby or toddler improve their motor skills, especially when combined with other foamnasium products, such as steps or the tunnel. They will keep your children busy for hours! They can even be used for gymnastics by younger children, or for building forts! It’s also available in four different colours if you wanted to have a specific color scheme.


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