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Therapist Recommended Balance Pad & Stretching Kit. Thick Eco-Friendly Foam, Best For Yoga, Workout Training and Physical Therapy Exercises.

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Product Features

  • ✅  HEAVY DUTY CUSTOM DESIGNED ECO FOAM - The premium eco-friendly (recyclable and non-toxic) foam in this balance pad (measuring 15.5" x 12.5" x 2.5") is custom designed and precision tested to create the ideal amount of destabilisation for balance/stability exercises, padding for ground training workouts and comfort for joints whilst stretching.
  • ✅  YOGA STRETCHING STRAP TO PREVENT INJURY - Elite fitness athletes and yogis alike have long used stretching to prevent injuries in sport AND life. This strap unlocks further range and is the perfect accessory (especially with a balance pad) for anyone who finds certain stretches uncomfortable or for experts wishing to stretch deeper.
  • ✅  100% HAPPINESS OR YOUR MONEY BACK - At Aussie Fitness Co, we believe that you deserve complete confidence in your purchase. That's why we back our product with a premium 90-day, no-hassle, money back guarantee! Plus we include a FREE EBOOK to help you learn how to use your balance pad and stretching strap effectively.
  • ✅  THE SMART CHOICE FOR EVERYONE - Due to its multipurpose, orthopaedic design, this foam balance cushion is not only ideal for fitness beginners, experienced yoga enthusiasts and pro athletes... It's also been found to be a lifesaver when used for therapeutic physical therapy exercises by seniors and the injured.
  • ✅  THE BEST ALL-IN-ONE WORKOUT ACCESSORY BUNDLE - This bundle, is going to become your favourite! The superior foam workout balance pad comes in three great colours (black, blue & purple). PLUS included with the FREE yoga stretching strap is also a FREE canvas carrying bag (perfect for taking it to the park or gym)!
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Product Description

The Balance Pad Pack We Wish We’d Started With… This premium fitness foam balance pad pack is the workout pack that we wish we’d been able to purchase when we purchased our first one! That’s why we decided to create it for you. To Start, You’ll Wonder How You Ever Got Along Without A Balance Training Pad… With it’s its heavy duty yet lightweight padded design, it’s perfect for increasing balance and stability with destabilisation exercises. However, it’s not only limited to this. It also helps increase the safety, support and comfort of exercises/stretches which place pressure on the knees and joints. No Matter Who You Are… Its unique flexibility of use makes it the ideal workout accessory for fitness beginners, experienced athletes, yoga fanatics and even seniors/those in physical therapy! No matter the intensity or type of workout session, our superior universal foam balance pad is going to help get the job done! But We Always Knew It Could Be Improved… This incredible foam balance pad also comes with a FREE yoga strap, handy eBook with stretching/training/balance exercises AND a canvas carrying bag. Stretching is a great way to prevent injuries and a stretching strap allows you to unlock greater mobility of movement with your stretches. Combined with the balance pad, we know you will never feel uncomfortable in a difficult stretch again. Plus with a canvas carrying bag you can easily carry your workout pack to the park or to the gym! 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back! We confidently provide a premium 90-day money back guarantee on our elite foam balance pad! Don’t Hesitate! Order Yours While Supplies Last! Click Add to Cart Now!


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