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Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam

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Product Features

  • Excellent for gym or home use, the Sectional Beam connects together easily with the permanently attached VelcroTM fastener. Great for young gymnasts, cheerleaders, & martial artists!
  • The 4" top is the same width as a beam used during competition. Also, the suede surface is similar to that of a competition beam.
  • PARENT TIP: This lightweight 4ft. beam is perfect for beginners or if space and budget are your primary concerns. Gain confidence walking on a 4" beam, Donkey Kicks/Handstands, Jumps, Leaps
  • Dimensions: 4' long x 4" high with 4" top that tapers down to 8" wide base.
  • We recommend buying (2) units if you are looking to practice skills such as walkovers, leaps, and handstands.
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Product Description

Tumbl Trak’s Sectional Beam is excellent for gym or home use and connects to other units easily with the permanent Velcro fastener. The 4” top is the same width as a beam used during competition and tapers down to an 8” base for stability. The suede surface of the Sectional Beam will also give your gymnast a similar feel to a competition beam. The 4’ long beam weighs less than 5lbs and is easy to move, carry, or even store under a bed.


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