How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

You hear about them all over the news, all the time, on Cnn and more from time to time about bed bug infestations. This can bring a little bit of a panic to the public as no one out there wants bed bugs inside of their home. But this leads to the question I hear asked all of the time, how do you get bed bugs, and also, how can I prevent from getting bed bugs?

Well you are in the right spot if you are looking for where bed bugs come from, and also what you can do to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. First off you have to realize that bed bugs are very good travelers, and they can also live up to a year without feeding, so they have no problem hanging out in your luggage for a couple days, weeks or months, until they are let loose, and this is usually how bedbugs end up in your home in the first place.

They can be found in hotels, cruise ships, colleges, just about any place that you can think about. And all you need is a couple of those home invaders to arrive in your home, hide inside of your mattress, and breed more like there is no tomorrow. Pretty scary if you think about it. But there are some good measures and tips that you can apply so that you may prevent them from breeding, laying more eggs, and turning your home into a bed bug infested mess.

I have already spoken about ways that you can be cautious when you are traveling in hotels, making sure that you inspect the bedding upon arrival for spotting the little bloodsuckers, and also the ways that you can kill bed bugs, which the easiest way, in my opinion, would be extreme heat. So if you get back home from traveling, and are paranoid about them hiding in your clothes, throw them in the washer machine and wash with hot water. This should be able to kill them if you have your water heater temperature above 120 degrees f.

Another good prevention tip, would be to seal the mattress, pillows and box spring. By doing this you are taking away their number one hiding spot where they love to camp out. There are many types of mattress covers that are out there that are made specifically for bed bugs and dust mites. Another good thing is if you have bedbugs living inside of your mattress already, the zipped covers will prevent them from getting out and biting you while you are sleeping. But as mentioned earlier, don’t plan on starving them to death as they can go a very long time without feeding, and you will have to wash the mattress zip cover sooner or later.

The bottom line is that bed bugs to not arrive in your home from having a dirty place, or having dirty laundry and empty soda bottles laying around everywhere, the only thing that does is attract roaches and gives the bloodsuckers more places to hide. Being aware of where they can be, especially when traveling, is the number one prevention for bed bugs in my opinion.

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