EPA Grant For Bed Bug Research

As bed bugs are a growing problem, the EPA has stepped in, and has presented roughly $550,000 in grants, to five different states, to research the prevention and removal of bed bugs. This is great news, as they are growing more immune to natural pesticides that are being used. As of now, one of the only ways to definitely kill bed bugs is through extreme heat, although some pesticides will work for bed bugs removal, a lot of the times it will take multiple treatments to completely get rid of them.

The grants will be given over the next to years, the states that will be receiving the money for the bed bug research are Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Michigan and Missouri.

The reason for the grants as these are some of the worst locations in the United States where they are having some of the worst bed bug problems ever. The grants will be going towards not only research but training for workers on how to spot and get rid of bed bugs. As I have stated before, the more that you know about your enemy, the better the chances to have to get rid of them. There are many methods that work well, and there are many methods that do not work at all, even though if you search on the internet some articles will say otherwise. This goes to show that you cannot believe everything that you read on the internet.

This is especially true when it comes to these bed bug websites that are just trying to get you to buy a product, and they will write anything that sounds good, thinking that they are actually giving you tips on getting rid of bed bugs, just because they had read a poorly written article somewhere, they may think that they know experts on bed bug extermination.

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