Controlling Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that can be difficult to control and prevent. Various types of insecticides and other techniques like steam cleaning can be used to kill them. After bed bugs are gone, controlling bed bugs becomes a necessity.

In order to prevent a new infestation, regular checking and inspection of the rooms are recommended. After using residual insecticides that kill bed bugs, non-residual insecticides like V One Pyrethrum Aerosol can be sprayed regularly to prevent them from returning. It kills on contact and can be sprayed directly on the bugs whenever they are visible.

Mattresses are widely infested with bed bugs and often treatment is required to get rid of them completely. Bugs, as well as eggs, can lay hidden within the box springs and fabrics of mattresses. Beds and adjoining areas are favored habitats of bed bugs and therefore it becomes necessary to treat them. Often steam cleaning is used as an effective way of removing the bugs from these areas. Specks of dust can also be sprayed for killing the bugs. After bed bugs are gone, controlling bed bugs becomes essential and therefore mattresses can be enclosed in zippered encasements. This will prevent the remaining bed bugs from escaping.

After bed bugs are gone, controlling the environment becomes essential and in order to achieve this, precautions must be taken. The box springs of beds should be enclosed in special zippered encasements. They not only prevent access to other places, if kept for longer durations, but they can also kill the bugs as well. Since bed bugs can live for a long time without blood, it is advisable to keep the encasements in place for at least a year. Whenever insecticides or sprays are used for mattresses, even the encasements must be sprayed and cleaned.

Since it is very difficult to remove bed bugs, avoidance is the best way of controlling them. After bed bugs are gone, controlling bed bugs should be a top priority. In order to avoid them, luggage must be kept away from the beds and furniture in hotel rooms. An elevated place is ideal for storing the luggage and the best way of preventing them is to thoroughly examine them before taking them into the house.

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Used furniture must be treated with insecticides before using them in homes to prevent bed bug infestation. Regular help from pest control professionals can be an ideal way of keeping the bed bugs at bay. Cleaning with the help of hard brushes and vacuum cleaners, is the most important way of keeping the bugs away, as they cannot hide in clutter-free places. Moreover, special attention must be made for blocking any cracks, crevices or holes in the rooms or walls where they like to hide.

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