Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Pests and insects can be a nuisance when they attack your home and some of them can also transmit diseases. Bed bugs are one among the many pests that infest the human living environment since they feed on blood. These insects are easy to pick up either sitting on infested furniture or while traveling. Many people unknowingly carry them in their suitcases while traveling for they are prevalent in hotel rooms that are poorly maintained. This article discusses bed bugs detection, prevention and bed bugs removal.

These insects are brown in color but change to reddish brown when they are fully fed on blood. Their nocturnal way of life makes them hard to spot for they are only active when people are sleeping. Adult bugs have flat, wingless oval body closed to the size of an apple seed. They feed on human blood and can survive for many days of no feeding making them rather difficult to eradicate by starving.

Detecting bed bugs is rather difficult considering their nocturnal lifestyle and their size. These insects hide in cracks, crevices, bed joints, mattress seems and furniture. Their detection is mostly through the realization of their bites on the skin, presence of tiny blood stains on bed coverings, presence of tiny red skeleton shells, presence of dead small insects on bed coverings and they may also be spotted moving around.

Although there is no established link of their bites with the transmission of any disease, the trauma associated with their bites can cause sleepless nights. Different people also react differently to their bites and they can cause the swelling of the skin in certain individual which in turn could cause an infection.

The best way of treating the effects of these insects is through getting rid of them. Bed bugs Prevention is very simple and can be done easily by the homeowner. This can be done through periodic inspections of crevices, wall cracks, and furniture or bed joints. Cracks and crevices on the walls are to be effectively sealed to deny them breeding places.

Hotel rooms that are poorly maintained are among the best nests for them. While traveling it is important to ensure you do not place your bags on the floor and while returning home make sure you check the suitcase seams and compartments carefully. Do not bring home any furniture from the streets for they may be infested by the same.

After a positive identification of these insects, it is necessary to seek the services of qualified pest control professionals. Most of the pesticides available over the counter hardly kill the insects even they have labels indicating they are for bed bugs. Application of insecticides should be coupled with cleaning the rooms, filling cracks and crevices for effective eradication of the insects.

Bed bugs hardly cause any diseases but they are a nuisance in the home environment. It is the duty of home owners and the landlords to provide an environment free from these insects for their families and tenants respectively. Prevention and control of these pests is the best way of getting rid of bed bugs and their effects.

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