Bed bugs have become a serious problem in recent years

Any place human beings live or gather is a potential target for a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs have ruined many vacations due to infested cruise ships and hotels rooms. Bed bugs are fond of hitching rides to people’s homes after they visited family in the hospital or a nursing home. Bed bugs have stowed away in paper bags full of groceries. They may even climb onto your suit jacket while you enjoy a delicious meal in your favorite restaurant. Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere and they are all too happy to accompany you home to continue to make your life miserable.

With bed bugs seeming to be everywhere, people wonder what they can do to protect themselves

How can you avoid bed bugs at home and how can you avoid bringing them home from the outside world? Happily, there are solutions to the bed bug problem. You can create an effective bed bug protection plan by using bed bug bags, bed bug sprays, traps or powders and bed bug killing heat enclosures. By combining these three products, you can prevent bed bug infestations and give yourself a solid barrier against the sleep disturbing little pests.

Bed bug bags come in many shapes and sizes

They are available to enclose luggage, as luggage liners, as pillow covers, to enclose a cushion, mattress or box spring and as general purpose storage bags. Made of heavy gauge plastic with a fully seal-able zipper and re-enforced seams, bed bug bags are an effective way to trap existing bed bugs or to protect items against bed bugs. At home, you should enclose cushions, pillows, mattresses and box springs with bed bug bags. Use them to enclose any items you keep in storage, such as empty suitcases and cartons of personal property. When you travel, line your suitcases with bed bug suitcase liners and keep every item of luggage in a sealed bed bug bag. When you are settled at your destination, enclose the mattress, box spring and pillows in bed bug bags for the duration of your stay.

To further enhance your protection from bed bugs, you should use a bed bug powder, traps or spray in combination with the bed bug bags

Before you seal a bed bug bag, you should spray, dust the powder or place a trap inside every bed bug bag. This will assure that you kill any bed bugs that may be hiding inside the item sealed in the bed bug bag. You should also place traps, dust powder or spray every around the perimeter of every room and between the mattress and box spring of every bed. You can use your preferred product on sofas, armchairs and other furniture to add even more protection. When you travel, using a powder, spray or traps will help to guarantee that you don’t bring home any bed bugs from your foray to the outside world.

The third part of the bed bug protection plan is to use a bed bug killing heat enclosure
Bed bugs will die when exposed to steady heat of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Bed bug heat enclosures will heat items to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit and each treatment should last 4 to 5 hours. The bed bug heat enclosure is particularly effective for luggage, clothing, dry clean only items, odd shaped items like shoes or hats, and more delicate items like cds or books. A heat enclosure will save you hundreds of dollars in dry cleaning bills and simplify the decontamination process. When you return from a trip, place your outer wear, clothing and suitcases in the heat enclosure to be extra sure of killing any bed bugs you may have picked up during your travels. Heat enclosures run from $175 to $750 for commercial models and they will last for years of service. This is many times less then the cost of an exterminator.

There you have it;  an easy to use, 3 part, bed bug protection plan that will prevent or kill bed bugs both at home and when you are out in the world. This plan is straight forward, simple and effective. It is affordable and will save you a fortune in professional pest control costs. It really is possible to protect your home and family from bed bugs without bringing in expensive outside help. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and making the effort to follow this simple bed bug protection plan.

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