Bed Bugs – Dont Let Them Bite

Kids used to sing this about a century ago and back then they also had real live bed bugs

Then some clever human invented DDT and bed bugs virtually vanished from the modern world. DDT also ended the plague of Malaria for much of the planet. Sadly, unlike many fairy tales, this story does not have a happy ending because some other clever human managed to convince the United Nations that DDT was evil. As a result, DDT has been banned, millions in the Third World are once again at risk of Malaria and in our modern, Western World, bed bugs have made a rather dramatic and itchy comeback.

In just about every American town or city, hotels, home owners and apartment dwellers are going crazy and spending a small fortune trying to deal with these industrious, microscopic vampire bugs. We aren’t talking about Twilight handsome vampires now. We are talking about tiny, little, annoying insects that infest places that humans and their pets like to sleep. They nest in bedding, sofas and pet’s sleeping areas and drink the blood of any available warm-blooded animal. Bed bugs will move into your home, apartment or hotel room and they won’t even help with the bills. Instead they will bite you, give you a rash or blisters and make you itch like crazy. Just thinking about bed bugs is enough to get most people itching in no time at all.

The worst part of bed bugs is getting rid of them

First you have to drain your bank account paying the exterminator to confirm that you have an infestation of the miserable critters. Then you have to bag up just about everything you own and either throw it out or wash it for hours in boiling water. Of course, the exterminator will offer to spray your home with some highly toxic, highly expensive, non-DDT insecticide. Unfortunately, the bed bugs are probably already resistant to it. So what do we do about these unwelcome guests?

Bed bugs sufferers, don’t desspair

There is a happy ending after all. You could use an all natural product called Bed Defense instead. This highly effective, clinically tested product is just what you need to return bed bugs to the history books. Bed Defense has a lot going for it. Its easy to use, inexpensive and it has been developed by professionals with many years experience in the pest removal field. Bed Defense starts to work to moment you open the package and it is effective against over 99.9% of bed bugs. Bed Defense is the number one selling product of its kind and it will work around the clock to protect your family, your children and your pets.

Bed Defense is not just effective when you already have bed bugs. It can also be used to protect your home before the itching starts and you suspect the worst. Placing Bed Defense in vulnerable areas of your home will help keep the little blighters from ever making an unwelcome appearance.

If you like to travel, Bed Defense should become your traveling companion. Take Bed Defense with you and when you check into a hotel put it by the bed, in your luggage and in the hotel closet where you hang your clothes. Be the smart traveler and avoid joining the ranks of thousands of very unhappy voyagers who took home some bed bugs as a gift from the hotel.

Right now Bed Defense is offering new customers an opportunity to sign up for a free trial of the product. You can use Bed Defense for a month and if it works for you, continue to receive the product. If for some reason, you are not satisfied, just cancel your purchase plan before the first month is over. It is just that simple and in no time, you can stop worrying, stop itching and start smiling again. Bed Defense really is your best defense against bed bugs.

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