Bed Bug Bites – The Treatment

Are you a victim of insect bites, and not really sure of where they came from? If you go to sleep one night and wake up with insect bites all over your body the next morning than there is a good chance that you were dinner for some bed bugs while you were sleeping. This can freak out people pretty bad, and the damage that is done is more mental than physical.

Just the though of having little bugs crawling on you while you are sleeping, and poking you while sucking your blood, can be pretty disturbing, and cause many people to be scared to even go to sleep in their own home.

The good news is that bed bugs do not carry any known diseases, and also, when they are biting you, or feeding on you, the bites at the time being are virtually painless. But that does not mean that the bed bug bites don’t have to be treated.

If you find that you do have bed bug bites, the worst thing that you can do is to scratch them, which can be very tempting as the bites will cause extreme itchiness to the skin.

The first thing that you should do is to wash the bites with hot soapy water. Get them clean, and try your hardest to avoid scratching them, as this can start an infection, and also increase the swelling. You can use an anti-itch cream such as Cortizone, which is designed to relieve itchiness to the skin, and also treat insect bites from mosqitoes, and also bed bugs too.

There are many herbs that are out there also that have been said to treat bed bug bites. Some will work better than others, but it also takes into consideration the sensitivity of the persons skin, as well as the severity of the bed bug bites themselves. Natural herbs such as rib wort and pigs ear is said to do wonders in treating these types of insect bites, and can be found naturally or bought at herbal stores, either locally in town or ordered online, but if you have insect bites it is best to treat them immediately, and not have to wait days or even weeks to get them delivered to you.

As I have mentioned there are many types of herbs and remedies that are out there that will help treat bed bug bites, if you have any good ideas, or suggestions that have worked for you to treat bed bug bites, then please feel free to leave a comment below and share with us your experience.

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